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Located on “four soils”, surrounded by Green Istria in the hinterland of Umag and Novigrad in Croatia, Brtonigla wins over with untouched nature and the magical atmosphere of an old Istrian town. The traditional cuisine with the rich taste of the Istrian wines and olive oils attracts travellers wanting something different and original for this town.

Exceptionally valuable archaeological findings confirm that people lived in the location of Brtonigla back in prehistoric times, and the entire territory offers the possibility of visiting numerous ruins from the period of Romans, who built settlements and villas here. The history of this area was filled with difficulties, but thanks to the fertile soil, the residents always managed to recover. The story about Brtonigla through “four soils” also emphasises the aspiration of the wine makers of this territory to unify various types of soil, climate conditions, grape sorts, and manner of production specific for this territory that lies on all four types of Istrian soil – red, black, grey and white – through terroir in one location. In family wine cellars and taverns, the friendly hosts welcome the guests and open the doors to the world of the original Istrian cuisine with a smile on their faces. Brtonigla invites you to walk the stone streets that preserve thousands of years of turbulent history and protect the best Istria can offer.

What should you see and experience in Brtonigla?

  • The grand parish church of St. Zeno (Sv. Zenon), the town protector, with a bell tower from the 15th century
  • Mramornica underground cave
  • Škarine nature park
  • Valaron or Gradina stronghold (kašteljer) near Nova Vas
  • The gallery of academic sculptor and painter Aleksandar Rukavina
  • Popular days-long folk festivity of Saint Roch (Sveti Rok), the protector of Brtonigla
  • Festival of Istrian Malvasia and Days of asparagus in Istria
  • Folk & wine festival dedicated to old traditions and folklore
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How's the weather in Brtonigla

  • Thu 24.05.

    18°C - 22°C

  • Fri 25.05.

    17°C - 24°C

  • Sat 26.05.

    17°C - 24°C

  • Sun 27.05.

    18°C - 26°C

  • Mon 28.05.

    18°C - 26°C

  • Tue 29.05.

    19°C - 25°C

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