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The small town of Buje is located in north-western Istria, near Umag, surrounded by hills on which people built settlements in the prehistoric times. Precisely due to its strategic position, Buje is known as the “Guard of Istria”.

The town is located on the hill, at over 200 metres above sea level, from which it dominates the surrounding vineyards, olive groves, fertile fields and forests that stretch over the picturesque territory between Mirna and Dragonja rivers. The favourable Mediterranean climate and fertile Istrian soil favoured the development of olive and growing and viticulture, so Buje is known for over 10 top wine producers who can be toured on one of the best known and oldest wine roads in Croatia. Apart from the wines, the friendly hosts offer their visitors extra virgin olive oil, prosciutto, cheese and other home-made products characteristic for this climate. The visit to olive oil tasting rooms on the olive oil road of Bujština is an especially attractive experience. Apart from the culinary pleasures, Buje also wins over with the rich cultural and historical heritage, which can be seen at every step. Old churches, stone squares and streets, as well as the ruins of massive defence forts and walls witness the famous history of this small town. Spend a magical day in Istria exploring Buje!

What should you see and experience in Buje?

  • St. Servulus parish church and St. Mary of Mercy church
  • Panoramic sightseeing from the bell tower next to the St. Servulus church
  • Ethnographic Museum and town gallery “Orsola”
  • Traditional celebration of the Grape Holiday and open doors day in the wine cellars
  • Visit to the castle and fountain of Momjan
  • Oleum Olivarum meetings in Krasica with the extra virgin olive oil fair
  • Manifestation “Muscat empire” next to the castle in Momjan
  • Šparogada (asparagus celebration) in Kaštel
  • Famous Parenzana cycling track
  • Mulino casino hotel has one of the most elite casinos in Croatia
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How's the weather in Buje


15 °C

°C - 20°C
  • Thu 24.05.

    17°C - 22°C

  • Fri 25.05.

    16°C - 24°C

  • Sat 26.05.

    17°C - 24°C

  • Sun 27.05.

    17°C - 26°C

  • Mon 28.05.

    17°C - 26°C

  • Tue 29.05.

    18°C - 25°C

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