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The medieval town of Svetvinčenat in Croatia is located in the hinterland of Istria, near Rovinj and Vrsar, and it is one of the best preserved Istrian medieval towns.

The development of Svetvinčenat starts in the 6th century, with the arrival of the Benedictines, who worked hard on the land and lived in accordance with their motto: Ora et labora (pray and work). Feudalism developed later and the town frequently changed its masters. The period of the biggest progress took place during the Venetian Grimandi family, which ruled the town for more than 200 years, until the fall of the Venetian Republic. A grand castle still dominates the town, as a monument of the period of their rule. This true historical gem has been hidden from the view of tourists for a long time, but in the past few years the attractive manifestations and the imaginatively conceived contents have been attracting more and more guests, who recognise the town as the perfect choice for a one-day excursion to the hinterland. Svetvinčenat takes you back to history and represents the soul of the old Istria with its charm and atmosphere. Visit Svetvinčenat in Croatia!

What should you see and experience in Svetvinčenat?

  • Morisin-Grimani family castle
  • Parish church of Mary’s Annunciation and other sacral facilities
  • Memorial collection of the Servant of God Miroslav Bulešić
  • The exhibitions of Brdo museum
  • Stone streets of the main square Placa take you back to the renaissance and medieval period
  • Show about Mare the witch
  • Festival of dance and non-verbal theatre
  • Istraetnojazz festival gathers the quality music fans
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How's the weather in Svetvinčenat


17 °C

°C - 20°C
  • Thu 24.05.

    18°C - 22°C

  • Fri 25.05.

    19°C - 23°C

  • Sat 26.05.

    21°C - 24°C

  • Sun 27.05.

    21°C - 25°C

  • Mon 28.05.

    21°C - 25°C

  • Tue 29.05.

    22°C - 25°C

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