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The coastal town of Vrsar in Croatia is a top quality destination for all those wanting to have a good time on one of the most beautiful and most indented coasts of Istria. This romantic destination might make you fall in love with it, just like the legendary Giacomo Casanova fell in love here when he visited Vrsar a few centuries ago.

Located at the delta of Lim Bay near Rovinj, Vrsar is surrounded by a naturally indented coast and beaches that are made for enjoying the sea and the sun, natural springs of fresh water and beautiful untouched nature in the hinterland. The place is also enriched with an artistic spirit that spreads from the old quarry, where sculpting school is held in the summer months, and the proud sculpture authors then exhibit their works in the town streets. Vrsar in Istria is a medieval town whose tradition and history remained written in the old city core. The very entrance to the town has an old stone gate that used to be the only entrance into the fortified town on the hill, while the curvy narrow streets and small squares are covered in a veil of history. Those wanting a more active holiday can enjoy the environmental bicycling path, whose entire length goes through the nature in the hinterland. Accommodation in Vrsar can be booked in the popular campsites and hotels that offer a top quality level of service and comfort. Visit Vrsar in Croatia and spend and unforgettable summer holiday in Istria!

What should you see and experience in Vrsar?

  • Parish church of St. Martin (Sv. Martin), church of St. Mary of the Sea (Sv. Marija od Mora) and numerous smaller churches rich in stone inscriptions
  • Remainders of the Roman necropolis and magazine confirm that Vrsar was a developed centre in the ancient time
  • Park of the sculptures of the world renowned sculptor Dušan Džamonja
  • Sacral collection of Funtana and Vrsar
  • Casanova fest is the celebration of love, beauty and eroticism through all art forms
  • Summer sculpting school in old quarries
  • Seeing stalactites and stalagmites in the Grotto of Beredine
  • Diving and exploring the shipwrecks of the sunken war and passenger ships, steep cliffs and caves, habitats of various fish and crabs
  • Tour of the Lim Bay, one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Istria
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